Many people experience sleep problems once in a while in their lifetime. Most people use insomnia and sleep disorders interchangeably, which should not be the case. Insomnia is just one type of sleep disorder, but it is the most common and affects people from all walks of life. The following are the most common causes of sleep disorders

Health complications

Some health conditions make it hard to fall asleep. For instance, people with obesity issues have interruptions of sleep as they encounter breathing problems. Some of the health complications are hereditary, while others are due to lifestyle choices, while others are due to exposure to disease-causing microorganisms. You have to determine the source of the health complication for you to come up with a coping mechanism. If it is due to weight gain, then you can hit the gym or watch the foods that you consume.

Mental illnesses

Most people do not like talking about mental disorders due to the stigma that comes with it. The good news is that people have now started appreciating the talk and understand that mental illnesses are a real menace. We now have advocates and people who dedicate their lives to deal with those with mental disorders. Stress and depression are among the most common forms of mental disturbances. When you are stressed, you may find that you have trouble falling asleep or even have sleep lapses the entire night. Depression is worse as sometimes it affects your appetite and even interactions that you have with people. You can seek help from a professional or find a hobby that will distract you from the struggles of this life.

Physical environment

The state of your bedroom or the type of beddings that use could be the reason why you never catch some sleep. You do not have control over the external environment, but you can have a say on the temperatures and state of the place where you sleep. There are times that it will be cold while at other times the temperatures will hit the roof. Having the right type of mattress for the season is one step towards having uninterrupted sleep patterns. An electric mattress such as those at ensures that you are warm during the cold season nights. Also, ensure that you do not have distractors such as light when you are sleeping. You can also install soundproof wallpapers if you live in a noisy neighborhood.