You have to be above average if you want to knock out your opponents in the ring time and again. In fact, you must be excellent. Here’s what you need to do to survive in one of the toughest sports.

Train, Hard

You have to train for hours to become a world-class boxer. Take Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest fighters of all time, for instance. He’d run for up to five miles, four times a week, and spend anywhere between six to eight hours in the gym every day.  Yes. That’s how much dedication you need to put into your training.

Most importantly, choose your trainer wisely. You’re better off with a coach who understands what you want to achieve. Speaking of trainers, visit the LondonFightFactory to read more about one of the best martial arts gyms in London and how they can help fine-tune you boxing prowess.

 Be Quick in the Ring

Quickness is a skill that every serious boxer should possess. You have to throw punches quicker than your opponent to have a significant advantage. The quicker you are, the easier it is to land more blows on your challenger and by extension the higher your chances of winning.

Be Accurate with Your Punches

When in the ring, you’re hitting a moving target. Sure, you can size up your opponent and prepare to punch him, but he’ll always try to avoid the blow. If you don’t hit your challenger, it means that you’ll be wasting your energy and giving him a chance to strike you.  If your punches land, however, you will weaken your opponent. Manny Pacquiao is an excellent example of a boxer who has perfected the art of landing punches with speed and accuracy, making him one of the best fighters of the last decade.

Punch With Power

You need explosive strength to enable you to land powerful punches on your opponent. And, power doesn’t mean lifting weights in the gym or sticking to a specific training program. It’s all about timing, sensing, and coordination as well as sensing an opening. Mike Tyson was one of the hardest punching boxers the sport has ever seen, knocking out bigger opponents in seconds.

The Bottom Line

Boxing involves more than defending yourself in the ring. You must have a game plan and outwit your opponent with every move that you make. Don’t forget to keep eyes on your challenger to figure out their next step and how to block it.