It is always a big win for website owners when they appear on the first page of search engines due to ranking. It is the same case when it comes to Instagram especially when one lands on the explore page of others. However, the main difference between the two is that every user has a different explore page based on the nature of content that one likes. Instagram uses machine learning to gauge the type of content that one likes and engages with on a regular basis. The following are simple tips on how to land on the Instagram explore page

Post content that attracts people

Posts with high engagement rate have a high probability of landing on the explore page. Some of the content ideas that work wonders include storytelling, user-generated posts, and cultural content. Include call-to-actions on your posts encouraging people to engage. Ensure that you use high-quality graphics that capture the fine details that pass the right message. Proofread your captions before your posts go live to avoid passing distorted messages. Have a plan that indicates what you want to post, when to do it and how to do it. Hire a professional to take some excellent shots for you once in a while.

Have a complete profile

Any Instagram user will want to interact with a real person when it comes to transacting business. You can keep your description short but ensure that you give all the necessary information that people need. You can use keywords on your bio to make it easy for people to find you. People are always attracted to decent profiles and you can make yours unique. You can use emoji to space your words on the bio section instead of the regular commas. Remember to include a link to your other social profiles or website if you own one.

Automate to increase engagement

Social media can be addictive and you may find it hard to balance between working and managing your Instagram account. You need to come up with content, post, engage followers and respond to their queries. Juggling between normal business activities and maintaining the social space can rob you time that you need to relax and address other issues in life. The Top 7 Instagram Automation Services, Tools, & Bots of 2018 is the answer to all queries when it comes to social media management. These tools come with varying features to suit different customers.