Cars are valuable investments that you should maintain well so as to fetch a good resale value. Some of the factors that are of interest to the potential buyer include mileage, the brand, year of make, exterior and interior condition of the car and the service report. The following tips will help you get a high resale value for your vehicle.

  1. Keep low mileage.Most people check on the car’s mileage before committing to buy. Typically, a private user drives between 12,000 to 15,000 miles every year. Avoid using your car during long trips as this harms its mileage reading. Most buyers will not buy a car that exceeds a mileage of 100,000 even if you maintain it well.
  2. Maintain the exterior. Your car should have an attractive exterior so as to fetch a high price. Fix paint peel offs and small dents to ensure that the vehicle attracts buyers from far. Check the rims and headlights to make sure that they are in good shape when looking for a buyer.
  3. Detail your car. Dirt and odors from your vehicle can scare away potential customers. Clean your seats and safety belts thoroughly or contract a professional to do away with the odors. Fix any peel offs inside the car and ensure that all equipment are working as expected.
  4. Have a detailed service report. Every potential buyer will ask for the repair and service report of your car. Compile this document as it guides the customers on making important decisions for future repairs and maintenance. The report will indicate whether the vehicle is accidents free and whether it has any mechanical problems.
  5. Service your car regularly.You should take your care for checkups regularly as the manufacturer recommends. When your car has mechanical problems, visit your local mechanic as soon as possible before the technicality gets out of hand. Also, ensure that you use the recommended spare parts.
  6. Shop around.Pitch several car dealerships and evaluate their quotes so as to get the best deal. You can visit the dealerships physically or send them details through mail for their consideration. You can also check the market value of similar cars in the market and estimate your vehicle’s value.
  7. Provide all the legal documents. Most customers will turn away from a deal that fails to provide all the legal documents needed for a smooth transaction. Submit reports of ownership and tax return report convincing the potential buyer that the car is clean of any illegal business. Also, mention whether the vehicle has been owned by other individuals previously and provide evidence.

Sticking to the above tips increases your car resale value. Companies such as have professionals that ensure that you get the best price for your vehicle.