Instagram has already established itself as the top and the most powerful online marketing platform. Its popularity across the globe has increased significantly over the last couple of years, as manifested by the recent revelation that the platform has more than a billion active users each month. Not only is Instagram popular, but also a proven haven for social media marketers.

Even so, competition between brands on Instagram is very stiff, thus, you need to have a well-crafted strategy and a strong brand identity to succeed in your marketing endeavors. Below are some helpful tips to help you build your brand on Instagram and achieve your marketing goals.

Business Profile

You will note a very big difference in your Instagram marketing by switching your Instagram profile to a business account. There are numerous advantages that come with a business profile. First and foremost, there is a very high likelihood of your content appearing on your follower’s feeds.  Secondly, creating and publishing ads becomes much easier. Your followers can as well get in touch with you by just clicking on the contact button. Finally, through Instagram’s analytical tools, you can check stats of your campaign including the reach and impressions.

Focus on Conversion

Instagram has proven to be an ideal platform in terms of increasing your sales. However, you need to have a critical understanding of the different approaches that work in this regard. You need to identify all the features that can help you make sales on Instagram and take them on board. For example, in order to add an external link to your posts, you must be using the paid posts feature.

As noted by Fred Harrington, there are numerous e-books and Instagram marketing courses that can help you understand different marketing approaches to convert your Instagram followers into actual customers. Check them out and discover new ways of increasing your sales through Instagram.

Run Contests

Whereas Instagram is a great marketing platform, you have to interact meaningfully with your target audience to attain your goals. Running Instagram contests is one of the proven ways of meaningful engagement. It can benefit your brand in different ways if done right. You can have like or comment contests, where users are required to like or comment on a post to enter.

Alternatively, it can be a photo contest, where you designate a specific hashtag that contestants will use on certain photos they post on their accounts. Such contests help to bring additional followers and also generate exposure for your brand. The fact that contestants are not required to do much, and the winner gets a reward, a lot of people are likely to enter which brings more engagement to your account.

Finally, cross-promoting your brand across all social media platforms can turn out to be fruitful. Your fan base on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may not be following you on Instagram. Thus, cross-promoting helps to generate additional exposure for your brand and content.