If you have been keen on social media over the past few years, you may have noted that business ads make up more than 50% of the posts. The wave of social media marketing is not ending anytime soon because various platforms are even rolling features specifically for marketing. Many business owners as well have active campaigns that help them to get more customers or even launch and promote their products. The social platforms with the highest number of subscribers include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The following are the reasons why Instagram marketing is better than traditional marketing.

    1. You can engage customers

The modern-day customer requires a personal touch, and social media platforms provide an ideal way to engage and respond to queries. Potential customers cannot ask questions on traditional marketing channels such as billboards or TV ads. Such customers may need clarifications before they make the final decision to buy or not buy a product. You can engage your customers in the comment section or even through direct messages. You can even create a group and add all your followers and post your content there. You can tag the most active followers and encourage them to share the posts which increase your outreach.

    1. You can automate

Marketing is an involving task, and it can consume all your time and jeopardize other business functions. However, even the market leaders and the most successful businesses promote their products because they know the role it plays in retaining customers. You can automate your Instagram campaigns which leaves you with enough time to focus on service delivery and coming up with new policies. You can check out some of the expert reviews if you are not sure which one is the best bot for Instagram marketing. The bots can search for trending topics, engage your followers and you can also use them to schedule posts.

    1. Easy to target customers and cost-effective

You can either decide to do regular posts or sponsor your ads on Instagram. Sponsored ads increase the visibility of your posts depending on the plan you choose. You can even target a specific region which ensures that you are not wasting your money on people who cannot convert. You can use various tools to check whether your marketing campaigns are paying off. You can generate reports that help you in decision making and knowing the type of content to concentrate or put more effort in and which ones to drop.