Coffee is on the morning list of many an individual. For many, it is not only a beverage that gives an energy boost, but also a drink that makes their day awesome. As tea is an addiction for many, coffee is a cup of luxury for others. The smell of freshly brewed coffee beans is almost irresistible. However, many myths surround the consumption of coffee, which contains good doses of caffeine. If you are feeling guilty of owning your own espresso cup that already pointed out, here are few surprising benefits of coffee that will encourage you to continue your Espresso with a smile.

  • A string cup of Espresso is a great reliever from that terrible night’s sleep or a hangover after a hard party. Filed with anti-oxidants, the beverage helps in focus on that tedious chore you might have been dreading.
  • According to various studies, coffee intake may help with bosting your memory as well as cognitive performance. Because of the caffeine content in it, it increases vigilance and arouses from a dismal state.
  • Coffee is a known stimulant in the field of bodybuilding. Apart from giving you an adrenaline jump, the caffeine helps in physical performance. A cup of Espresso before exercise maximises the strength you put into an activity and decreases perceived pain during the workout. It is also known to decrease post workout soreness.
  • Both decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee is known to be inversely associated with Type 2 diabetes. For every cup of Espresso, here is an approximate of 7% less chance of having diabetes.
  • Coffee drinkers are known to have lesser cases of liver diseases. They have better liver enzymes, indicating optimal liver functioning. Because it is high in anti-oxidants, studies have shown coffee to lower the risk of colorectal and liver cancers.
  • As mentioned earlier, coffee is known as a preferred stimulant for workouts. It is a much-celebrated pre-workout and weight loss stimulant. Unroasted green coffee beans have taken the pre-workout and weight loss supplements by storm. However, if you are not comfortable with these, try an Espresso just before a workout and you will be amazed with the results.
  • Coffee is known to increase metabolism, thus helping with losing weight.

With so many benefits to coffee, the next time you think of getting a coffee mug, try getting your Espresso cup customised with pride. After all, a lot can happen over coffee!