Tea – Introduction to the Puerh Personality

Puerh tea has often been said to be living, and likened to people. Each batch of Puerh is different due to differences in terroir, season, and processing. So each tea is unique, ready to meet you just for fun or to get to know better your highest truth.

You could call Puerh Living Water because it’s truly alive. The microbes that ferment it are alive indefinitely, even for decades for the finest aged versions. These are known as probiotics, similar to those that make yogurt what it is.

And the tea is alive spiritually, which you will encounter when you look for it. This is why it’s a good idea to sample different kinds of Puerh before committing to a large amount. A little chance meeting introduces you to who this particular Puerh is, so you know what you like about him or her.

Terroir is the location of the tea garden that grew the Puerh, and it determines the character of the tea, partly expressed in flavor but also in the merging of spirits between the tea and its drinker. It’s like the atmosphere of the place where you met your partner.

The soil, the elevation of the garden, the season of growth and harvest, climate including weather, sunshine and fog–all make up the terroir of Puerh. Then is added the differences in processing that each little batch goes through, giving birth to an individual.

The beauty of Puerh is that each persona will influence you intimately with its own spiritual expression. Each one is waiting for the get-together to charm you with its own ways, its own outlook. Listen to what they say.

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