With a 140-character limit for each Tweet, Twitter has caught the spotlight in the digital scene.

Those people who either are too lazy to read or have short attention spans? Those people refuse to be bothered by lengthy posts. And those people couldn’t adore Twitter any less.

That said, many digital businesses have capitalized on their Twitter accounts to raise the marketing game for their brand. And these digital businesses have good words to say about different Twitter automation tools.

If you want a game-changing advice, yes you should look into these Twitter automation tools.

Here’s a discussion on the subject.

Emphasis on Quality

Twitter automation tools are great for helping you establish your business and reach out to the right people. Especially if you’re just starting out, these tools can put you out there.

For your business, they can attract new followers, grow organic traffic, generate leads, and improve account management. Tools such as TweSocial, Tweet Attacks Pro, and Social10x are some of these tools.

They’re around to help you get the ball rolling on Twitter. And as long as you move forward in the right direction, they can lead your business to success.

They’re reliable service-providers who offer value. Rather than aim for temporary results, they shoot for permanent standings. And that is exactly what you want.

Just make sure to regularly check up on these tools, as well as your account. Don’t opt for an easy way out because you need to hustle and invest effort.

A Word of Caution

On the flip side, not all automation tools are good for you. Sure, they may drive results, but not all results can impact you positively. If they drive results that are merely for show, you may want to reconsider their purpose for your business.

While hype can earn you a fancy reputation and get you “fans”, getting just fans is impractical. You’re basically just wasting your time because they may not even be genuinely interested in your offer.

Some automation tools that bring in fake followers such as TweetAngels won’t do your business good in the long run. In a review, Spire agrees.


Twitter automation tools can power up your business. But that would be the case only if you know which tools to get and which ones to ditch.

Don’t install a tool without taking a closer look at it. A smart strategy is to think about its long-term impact. If it can benefit you years from now, it’s definitely a bot worth checking out. Otherwise, you’re better off.