Saw blades are important tools that can cut wood and other hard materials. Frequent usage may cause damage to the teeth of the saw blades. It is hence important to ensure that saw blades are in good condition.

Maintaining the saw blades

In order to ensure that the saw blades remain in good condition, it is essential to take certain steps for their maintenance. Before using the saw blade, it is advisable to check the surface for screws, nails and other hard objects. The hard objects may cause damage to the teeth of the saw blades.

It is also important to prevent the saw blades from rusting. Rust may weaken the metal of the blade thereby damaging it. It is hence highly recommended to wipe the blade with a dry and clean cloth after use. Storing saw blades in dry places can also prevent rusting.

Sharpening the saw blades

Regular sharpening of the saw blades is recommended in order to maintain them in running condition. Blunt blades may exert higher motor pressure for running and may cause damage to it. It is hence advisable to sharpen the blades which is affordable instead of repairing the motor which may cost a lot of money. The two main types of saw blades are:

  • Steel tipped saw blades which are easier to sharpen.
  • Carbide tipped saw blades which may require professional sharpening services.

Circular saw blades can easily be sharpened by following few simple steps. The first step in sharpening a saw blade involves removing and cleaning it to remove dust and wood chips.

The next step involves securing the blade in a vice in order to make it stable for the sharpening process. Unstable blades may slip and cause injury. However, it is advisable to avoid over tightening the vice as it may damage the blade. Once the blade has been secured, you may start the filing procedure. It is advisable to mark the start point of filing. A good quality file can give consistent levels of sharpness.

Once the blade is filed and appropriately sharpened, you may release it from the grip of the vice and place it in the saw. It is advisable to conduct an inspection to ensure that the blade is appropriately sharpened. For high quality saw blades sharpening services, you may look out for Saw Blades Only identity.

Saw blades are extremely useful tools. Regular maintenance and sharpening can make them last longer.