Everything looks great when managed even your tool chest. Gone are the days when people just kept all their tools collectively in a box. Now, various types of tool chest are there to help you in keeping your tools in an organized manner. It eases the work and also saves time. Another discussion emerges about wood vs. Metal top tool chest where actually both have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. So, it really matters, which material you select. You can base your selection on the type of work you do and the number of tools you need to carry.

Types of Tool chests

Stationary Tool Chests:  These chests are big enough to remain stationary and immovable. They are large, heavy and bulky which makes them to contain a large variety of tools and supplies. They generally have a lot of size-variant drawers and compartments. They are however stationary but sometimes they do have wheels for limited area movement like may be from one section to another section of same area or premises.

Some other sub-types of Stationary tool chests:

  • Big Tool Chest and Cabinet Storage: They are big containers having rolling tool cabinets and lockable drawers to place tools safely as a whole. They even have a flip door on top to reveal most of the tools at once. Higher quality of these tool chests is significant for any garage or workshop.
  • Total Workbenches: these look like tool chest and are cabinet storages in form of carrier box on wheels that are provided with a working space at the top. This kind is very well known for its steel platform which can be used as working area and there is tool storage below.

Portable Tool Chest:  This kind of tool chest is often called as rolling tool chest because you can easily use it in travel or transportation as it is fitted with wheels to roll on. The wheels used in these tools chests are of good quality and most of them come with caster wheels which are strong, well-made and durable. These tool chests have same working principle as rolling luggage.

Hand carry tool boxes:  As the name explains, these toolboxes are also portable and handy at the same time. They are generally made of steel or plastic for the handy works outside the workshop or garage and can carry only required number of tools.