Buying a watch is a decision that is somehow personal and takes a lot of effort to make because it is more than an accessory for checking time. There are different models and makes out there in the market and thus making a choice can be quite hard for a first-timer. The following are the features that make a good wrist watch.


The type of watch your wear when you go for jogging will be totally different from what you wear when you are attending a formal dinner or business meeting. When working out, the ideal watch should be light and have advanced features such as heartbeat monitor. Divers require a watch that is resistant to water and can also withstand variations in pressure. When looking for luxury watches, you need one that defines you and the focus you have in life. A good watch should suit the occasion and one of the basic questions to ask yourself is; is a replica a wise choice? click to find out >> and be the judge.

Correct pricing

Different manufacturers price their products differently depending on their brand name, production process, target class and features of the watches. You should not always attribute high price to quality because some manufacturers target high-end customers and thus the price will not be a true reflection of the functionality. Low priced items at times appear to be of inferior quality, and thus most customers avoid them. You should choose a model that not only suits class but also has the right features that justify its price.

A good make

Watches come in different materials such as plastic, rubber and metallic. Stainless steel is the most ideal because they are durable and comfortable to wear. Plastic makes are prone to wear and tear, and this explains why most are cheap.

Comfortable strap

A good watch should have a matching strap to make it unique and presentable. Some of the most common straps are stainless steel and rubber. You should select a strap that fit your wrist perfectly and avoids those that are oversize because they will not look good on your hands. Small straps are also not ideal because they restrict your arm’s movement thus making you uncomfortable.

You can tell the kind of lifestyle, or class one is in by simply checking the type of watch that he or she wears. Manufacturers also produce different models for specific genders.