Lego has perfected the art of making world-class toys for more than eight decades. And, the company takes the quality and function of its products very seriously to satisfy the ever-changing market needs.

Early History

In its early days, the company made ironing boards, stepladder, and wooden toys and adopted the name LEGO, a Danish word meaning “play well” two years later.

In 1947, it acquired a plastic injection-molding machine, a purchase that would change the Lego history forever. Two years after buying the system, Lego was producing an assortment of 200 different toys including a plastic sailor, Automatic Binding Bricks and a plastic fish.

Over the decade that followed, Lego products started selling in other countries including the United States in 1973. Lego sets became available to consumers for the first time in 1964. The toys came with all the parts and a user guide to build a specific model.

For more than five decades, these small plastic bricks have transformed from play items to educational toys for kids across the world.

The Lego of Today

The history of Lego depicts revolutionary changes since inception leading to the creation of groundbreaking toys. So inventive has been their products that the six-sided, eight-stud bricks have a staggering 102,981,500 possible combinations.

A computer program has helped take that number to 915,103,765 possible six brick combinations making one of the exciting educational games for kids.

Products such as the Lego Mindstorm Kits are designed to help kids develop lateral thinking in a fun environment, think in three dimensions and improve creativity. The Mindstorm series of kits contain software and hardware that allows the kid to create, customize and program robots.

While Lego has created many themes over the years, such as the Pirates, Farm, and House, it did not introduce any licensed products until 1999. It was in the same year that the company introduced Winnie-the-Pooh and Star Wars sets. The Star Wars sets would go on to become the best-selling product line in the history of Lego.

In Conclusion

Today, Lego product lines include licensed sets that show characters and scenes from D.C. Comics, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builders, as well as Nick Junior TV, shows such as the Spongebob Squarepants. The company also produces larger Duplo and Quatro bricks for toddlers and infants. The company also produces Lego Video games and Lego Serious Play.