Why Choose an Inflatable Boat?

Two of the biggest problems boating enthusiast face today are the high cost of a traditional boat and the amount of space required to store one. With the advancements made in today’s Inflatable Boats both of these problems, although not eliminated, have been significantly reduced. Whether you like to kayak, row, sail or fish, you can now find a quality, durable Inflatable Boat to fit the need maximo boat ramp.

Take, for example, someone who enjoys kayaking but lives in an apartment in New York. With your traditional kayak finding a place to store it where it isn’t in the way could be a problem. But, with today’s inflatable kayaks all you need is a little closet space to get them out of the way. Some of these boats can handle class IV rapids with ease, can take a beating, and weigh in at a little over 40 lbs. Tough enough?

Maybe fishing is your thing. There are inflatable fishing boats that will fit in the trunk of your car and can accommodate a small gas engine or a trolling motor. You may want to check out Sea Eagle’s 375fc Fold Cat Catamaran. This boat sets up in well under 10 minutes. Just place it on the ground, roll it out, inflate it and start fishing. It really is that simple. You can bypass the busy boat ramps. Also, this boat can hold up to 650 lbs of people and gear. If you pull a fifth wheel then you know towing a boat is out of the question. This would be an ideal boat to take along for the trip.

On the other hand if getting to those back woods, out of the way, remote places is your thing you may want to check out some of the kayak canoes such as Sea Eagle’s 330. It weighs only 26 lbs but can hold up to 500 lbs. It’s also capable of handling class III rapids. At 26 lbs you can take it almost anywhere. How is that for versatility!

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